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Are Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches Worth Buying?

It seems rather tempting at first glance, especially in times of low interest rates: The prices of some popular watch models have risen several times over the last 20 to 30 years. It is no coincidence that questions about resale value, appreciation or stability of value are frequently asked in watchmaking communities. What many editorial articles from grey online retailers unfortunately also systematically ignore is inflation, which at least partially puts the price increases of watch manufacturers into perspective.

A bit of history

The Omega Speedmaster, NASA's choice The Speedmaster model dates from 1957 (it went into production) and was launched in 1958, equipped with a column-wheel caliber 321 and balancer hands (the official name for the arrow hands now known as the "Broad Arrow"). It is published under the file number CK2915.
Two years later, in 1959, it underwent its first improvement by adding O-rings to the pushbuttons (to increase sealing) and was given the reference CK2998. The needles are different (leaves), but not yet the rods we know today.
In 1962, the same watch has the 6-digit reference ST 105.002.

In 1963, it becomes 105.003 with the stick hands. In the same year, the ST 105.012 also appears with the same hands but a different case, as it is equipped with a protection for the crown and pushers (we will come back to this).

However, the fate of the Omega Speedmaster would take on a whole new dimension on the day when NASA, which must equip its astronauts with timepieces, would test a number of chronographs on the market to select one that would be part of the standard astronaut package.

The story of this secret competition is told in many books and in many places. So I will not go into its nth rendition. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that this test was conducted on mass-produced watches that were secretly purchased by NASA people from watchmakers in Houston, Texas. By the way, the Rolex Daytona was one of the swiss replica watches in the competition, and apparently you could go to a store and buy Daytona watches without having to wait two years... Ah, the 60's!

It is also interesting to note that the Speedmaster 1962 (production version) went into space on the wrist of Walter Schirra, his personal watch (Mission Mercury-Sigma 7). For those who doubt the ability of a watch to survive in space, I invite you to read this article: "About the ability of a Speedmaster to survive in space".
He was not tested and qualified until 1965 (announced on March 1) when he first took a space walk on Ed White's wrist on June 3 (Mission Gemini IV).
It was in 1966 when "Professional" appeared on the dial as it became the signature of the Speedmaster when Omega was informed that the watch had been secretly selected by NASA and qualified for all NASA manned flights.

It's time to talk about Omega! The Swiss luxury brand has subtly changed the world of watchmaking. This makes these classic replica watches an interesting investment. An Omega watch, known for its sophisticated yet sporty style, is durable, precise and discreetly beautiful. There are many reasons why you should invest in an Omega. Read the reasons here...

Discreet elegance

In essence, this means that Omega provides well-designed and highly functional imitation watches at a high price, but which are rather discreet and belong to the upper class. Basically, wearing a classic Omega is a subtle and discreet way to show the benefits of good taste.

Omega Speedmaster Professional
This watch has a very special history, as the nickname "Moonwatch" already suggests, where the Omega Speedmaster Professional earned it. The fake Omega watch is considered to be the first watch on the moon. However, Buzz Aldrin helped to create the myth, as Neil Armstrong left his watch in the spacecraft capsule due to a mechanical defect. This model was selected by NASA for its operating characteristics and the robustness of the watch under extreme conditions.

Omega's other models, in addition to the Speedmaster Professional, are also impressive, making it a highly respected brand in the watch industry. The Speedmaster Professional is currently being marketed as the brand's model that will maintain or exceed its initial market value over the long term. The fact that Omega regularly presents new versions of the Speedmaster Professional means that older models in particular are more sought-after by collectors. There is also no need to worry about preserving value. A watch which returns from the moon in working order will not be damaged by a few years on earth .

An investment

Many people wear best Omega replica watches, probably also because of the wide variety of styles and features. But no matter which style of Omega you prefer, one thing is certain: a classic Omega will retain its value and will only become more valuable and rare in the years to come.

On the whole, the evolution of the online watch market has led to a significant increase in discounts for some brands (which is certainly also due to a certain price war between grey retailers). This has the effect that increases in the EIE on the manufacturer's side can indeed be strongly relativized. As a general rule, it can be said that discounts of 20-40% are not uncommon, even for fundamentally popular brands such as Omega, Breitling or IWC. Fashionable and elegant vintage replica watches attract attention.

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